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Date : Vendredi 25 septembre 2009 @ 22:08:05 :: Sujet : WAROFGENERALS

Je viens enfin de recevoir des nouvelles de Suhr Jeffrey qui va s'occuper corrctement des moddeur et des Worlbuilder ....
voici la lettre ainsi que l'image qu'il nous a envoyer :


C&C Community Leaders! This is your C&C Co-Community Manager Jeff Suhr, otherwise known as 2POC, hitting your inbox with a new weekly C&C4 exclusive update! You can read all about me in my blog on our official re-launch of, but here are some quick details. I have always loved the Command & Conquer franchise, and became more heavily involved in the community at the time of C&C3’s announcement. I created a fansite, CNC Vision, where the community could post ideas for every aspect of the game. I also ran several community polls, relaying all of this information to APOC through email. I posted on the forums as jsuh0107, and then as nukewave, eventually becoming a moderator. I would compile community reports and send them to APOC every week. I also started the Shadow Team, a private volunteer group who would look through the depths of the community to find cheaters, take action, and make the online environment more fair and friendly. APOC helped me obtain an internship at EALA last summer as an Assistant Community Manager, I then became a full time employee June of this year. Woot! It’s been a while since we’ve had weekly e-mails to our Community Leaders, well my friends, you’re going to be hearing from me a lot, every Friday in fact. With C&C 4 updates, spotlights from you in the community, and more about the C&C franchise. I’ll keep you in the know, and I look forward to hearing from you as well. Exclusive Update Just For YouNext week we will be running a new Naming Contest for the community! YOU will have a chance to name a Forgotten Unit, currently codenamed the “Forgotten Gorilla”. I decided to give you an exclusive first look at this unit and have attached one of the concept art pieces of it. Feel free to post it on your websites and get the community pumped up for next week’s contest. This is another chance for you to be a part of C&C lore forever! Stay tuned for further contest and prizing details.  Official Website Updates·         The new has launched! This is your upgraded home for C&C. Be sure to browse around to view our updated screenshots/wallpapers section, a new Hot Seat video with Joe Kucan, a new Designer Blog from Jeremy Feasel, a pre-order survey, and there’s much more on the way.  ·         The first and second of our new weekly C&C4 Developer Q&A’s have been released. These Q&A will be released every Friday, and aim to answer questions from our hardcore sector of the community. Come back every week to learn something new about C&C 4!o   Developer Q&A #1o   Developer Q&A #2 ·         Commander’s Challenge is now available on XBOX Live Arcade and the Playstation 3 Store Network! Console fans can now experience this exciting game mode that PC fans have been spending hours playing. Want to compare your best times with the community? Then post in our Commander’s Challenge Record Thread·         This entire week I have been spotlighting one of the best mapping sites in the community, Check our official Portal to learn the History behind this long time site, a useful Map Shortcut Creator tool, an Interview with site admin Thomasalan, and links to the best maps on their site. Stay tuned today for a new mapping contest! ·         If you don’t have a C&C4 wallpaper on your desktop, then you should not be on this mailing list! Just kidding…but seriously…you need to get on that. A great place to look for the absolute best community wallpapers is in our latest wallpaper section, dedicated to the work of community member Existor. He has created 8 wallpapers since the game was announced, and they all rock! If you have a fantastic wallpaper worthy of showcase, please send it my way. This Week In The Community·         Red Alert: A Path Beyond has posted a new development blog. APB brings the Red Alert universe into C&C Renegade, and has been popular for years. Check out the blog for information on their upcoming “Cold Fusion” and “Gamma”  updates including full change lists. ·         Zero Hour Mod Rise of The Reds has been updated to version 1.5. Check out their update for Debriefing Reports, and download the patch to add new content including units, improved AI, a new tech tier, and much more! ·         It’s Redzone Rampage Month at Game Replays! Check back every week to learn strategies for C&C3’s most popular 2v2 map. So far they have posted an intro guide, as well as guides on how to counter GDI, Nod, and Scrin as any of the game’s factions! ·         CNC Generals World has been stocking up on a ton of new maps. Hit up their site and see the latest and greatest from the community. ·         In the weeks following CommandCOM, many guests wrote detailed reports of their experiences. Assasin from CNC Source recently posted up an epic report containing almost 10,000 words and a TON of pictures. Check it out! ·         A new fansite has joined the community, CNC-247! This website is brought to you by NodSoldierGirl, Goluch, and CNCGEEK101. The trio is ready to take the community by storm by bringing you up to date C&C news, downloads, and more! They have started their first contest titled “Photoshop The Dev”. Photoshop anyone from the C&C4 Development Team into the Tiberium universe for a chance to win prizes!  Coming Up Next Week·         Next week on our official website we will be airing a new episode of Battlecast Primetime! This episode kicks it into high gear with another special guest, and new C&C4 information. You’ll get your first real look at the Crawler. ·         Be sure to post the Forgotten Gorilla concept art, and get people to enter in the new Name The Forgotten Unit contest to be a part of C&C lore forever! Of course, they can submit when the contest starts next week =) ·         Weekly Caption This contests are running strong on Facebook, and are now starting on our official forums as a Gameplay Screenshot Caption This feature. Enter in both for a chance to win cool C&C prizes!·         The third round of our developer Q&A feature will be up next Friday. Stay tuned!  You can always email me at, or if you have any news you’d like on the website, or if you have any questions or concerns.  I am also on X-fire frequently under the username jsuhr107. If you have made it this far, reply to me to receive 2 free T-Shirts to use as give-aways on your fansites. First 5 people to reply win the prize! Be sure to check your inbox next Friday for another 2POC Community Update! “Put Me In Coach!”-2POC

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